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The Leather Bucket Hat

As one of the iconic accessories, the streetwear-inspired leather bucket hat is back in fashion and we’ve revisited it in soft, smooth leather for your unique happiness!

All Bucket Hat Store products are made exclusively in the USA by the Bucket Hat Store and are characterized by their stylistic uniqueness and high-quality leather. Each of our products like the leather fishing hat, faux leather bucket hat and bucket hat golf is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the field of leather clothing.

Rainproof Treated Leather Bucket Hat

This little leather bob hat has a classic and elegant cut. It is a high-end headgear made of high-quality leather. Its quilted inner lining will provide you with great comfort and help you face the bites of winter. We also see it worn by women dressed in sports chic. Perfect harmony in its dimensions, it will be worn with a jacket, an overcoat and a parka.

3 Solutions For Leather Fishing Hat Maintenance

1- talc

Sprinkle the part where the stain is with talc with a brush or badger. When the talc has completely absorbed the oil stain; all you have to do is dust it off. You can do this several times in order to remove the stain.

2- Ammonia

Remove the greasy stain with a cloth soaked in barely diluted ammonia. The best for ammonia is to carry out a preliminary test using a cotton swab moistened with ammonia, on a hidden place, such as the inner edge. If the colour is found on the cotton swab, if the fabric is altered, it is necessary to dilute the ammonia.

3 – Marseille Soap

Rub the greasy stain with barely damp Marseille soap so as to form a kind of crust on the leather. Then you have to let the soap act for about 30 minutes. Then emulsify.