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The Complete Guide to Straw Bucket Hats

A straw bucket hat, which is formed of densely interwoven synthetic or natural straw materials and has a brim for protection from the sun, is a timeless fashionable, and useful wardrobe classic. The straw bucket hat and the other types of bucket hats like one piece bucket hat and golf straw bucket hat are available in a number of patterns and can be worn by both mens bucket hat and women.

Since the Middle Ages, straw hats have been worn throughout Asia and Europe, and they have never failed to provide sun protection and flair. They’re incredibly popular since straw is a flexible material, and the hats are woven, so there are little spaces that allow for air and refrigeration even in the warmest of summers.

Is it True That Straw Hats Provide Adequate Sun Protection?

A bucket straw hat can provide good or poor sun protection guess it depends on the strength of the weave and the size of the holes that unavoidably allow some sun rays to flow through. When buying a straw sun hat, it’s a good idea to hold it up to the light to check how much light it lets in. A straw bucket hat that shields you from the sun is usually graded with a UPF rating.

We recommend wearing hats with a UPF 50 rating for the best protection.
Straw bucket hats with a stronger weave will allow only a little amount of light to pass through while providing additional sun protection. In general, the finer and denser the weave of the sun hat, the more work that went into its creation, and thus the higher the price.

Straw Bucket Hats Come in a Variety of Styles

The boater pattern, the lifeguard straw men’s hat, and the iconic Fedora and Panama designs, which were made popular by former President Theodore Roosevelt during his visit to Panama, are among the most popular straw bucket hat styles.

The Bucket Straw Hat Of Derby

Bucket Straw hats are becoming increasingly fashionable, particularly among ladies. The lampshade style is manufactured of fine straw and steamed to be fashioned with a lampshade crown, as popularized by Audrey Hepburn in 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The wide brim provides excellent sun protection, and the dramatic style elevates any ensemble.

Straw Bucket Hat from Panama

Panama hats are classic vacationers’ hats due to their ease of wear and freshness. The Panama hat is originally crafted from Toquilla black straw bucket hat and is popularly worn by men with a light silk or linen suit. The tighter the weave, like with many other straw bucket hats, the more work and consequently the higher the price tag. Vacationers and travellers love Panama hats because they give both sun protection and classic flair.

After photographs showed previous President Roosevelt wearing a succession of them when visiting the Panama Canal in 1906, it’s little surprise they became popular. Those photographs depicted a confident, elegant, and sporty man, the ideal Panama straw hat seller. Women have adopted this style, which has historically been worn by men. Celebrities such as Amal Clooney and Khloe Kardashian now use the Panama straw hat as part of their fashionable outfits.