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Today we will analyze anti social social club a new brand that we will sell in our store

Where Did This Brand Come From?

We are going to analyze a little about this brand that has impacted the world of Street Wear and how it has achieved success by standing out in its segment.

Anti Social Social Club (sometimes using just the acronym ASSC) is an urban clothing brand founded by Neek Lurk, who previously worked for Stussy as a social marketing manager.

A remarkable fact is that Anti Social Social Club was founded in 2015 through Twitter without intending it since its creator did not have it in mind nor was it in his plans, it became a company.

Its success is thanks to launching limited collections every year The inspiration to create this brand came from the founder’s struggle for mental health at the age of 27 because he used all that effort he channeled into his creative moments through his brand as an emotional outlet for your depression.

What Really Happened To The AntiSocial Club?

It is necessary to differentiate the history of Anti-Social Club with a circumstance that was presented to Apple that ended up removing the cannabis promotion application from the APP Store Social Club after it became a place, where users openly published drugs for sale. , and was filled with photos of various drugs, weapons and racist content, memes, gory videos, and pornography of adults and children.

Being antisocial is perfectly defined as the so-called antisocial behaviors which are actions that harm or lack consideration for the welfare of others. Similarly, it can also be argued to define its scope, which can be any type of behavior that violates the basic rights of another person and any behavior that is considered harmful to others in society.

No doubt, ASSC is a reality in the universe, and he sells his popular products(Without compromising the quality) like Anti Social Social Club Hoodies, Anti Social Social Club Shirts, and Anti Social Social Club Sweatshirt.

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