What hats should you wear in the winter?

Practical in any season, the hat is a real feminine fashion accessory that comes in several models, shapes and materials. In addition, whatever your style, it will bring a touch of originality to your outfits. It is easy to wear in the summer, but it is also very useful in the winter, as soon as the first clouds appear. During this season, we favour warm and thicker materials that protect us from the cold and the rain. What hats to wear in winter?. Let’s discover the models of hats you can wear in cold weather.

The beret:

The beret is a hat that cannot be dissociated from the classic French style. Both elegant and sophisticated, it subtly accompanies you during the winter while effectively protecting your head. It’s a timeless piece that sports a vintage look and has become more popular over the years to become a wardrobe essential.
This hat comes in a flat shape, usually in cotton, wool or leather. It exists in all shades, from the soberest to the most colourful. For winter, you can therefore adopt a classic style with a black, grey or white beret decorated with feathers or pearls.

Dare mustard yellow for a trendy look. For a more sophisticated look, opt for a loose model and place it more on the back part of your head, while leaving your hair down.
The beret can easily be combined with all types of outfits. For a more androgynous style, team it with jeans, a sweater and loafers. If you prefer a more elegant look, you can wear it with a nice little dress, a long coat and heeled boots.


The beanie is a timeless and elegant hat. It is available in a wide variety of models, materials and colours. We thus distinguish the knitted hat, the cuffed hat, the short hat, the long hat and the hat with pompoms.
The knit beanie is versatile and a great alternative for a winter day in the mountains. As for the cashmere beanie, it appeals to all lovers of luxury thanks to its minimalist design and sober style. As for the hat with pompoms, it brings a playful touch to all winter outfits. It’s easy to find a beanie this winter among a large selection of women’s hats available in specialized online stores. Whether wool, fur, velvet or cotton, it will keep you warm all season long.
Since this hat refers to a casual style, you should avoid wearing it with overly sophisticated outfits. If you like to wear a puffer jacket with gloves and a scarf, then a basic tight-knit beanie will do. For fashionistas, the cuffed beanie is a great alternative. Finally, opt for a long beanie for a streetwear style or a turban beanie for a retro-chic effect.

The felt hat:

The felt hat is also one of the models of headgear to wear during the winter season. It allows you to add a final touch to your outfit. It creates a bohemian chic effect when worn with a long dress and heeled shoes.
When making your choice, prefer neutral shades such as camel, black or khaki. This will allow you to match it with most of the pieces in your dressing room. If you love more cheerful colours, navy blue or burgundy are great options. Since this model is a piece of character, you should avoid overloading your outfit and choosing too flashy tones.
The fedora should fit snugly and fit the shape of your face. That’s why it’s important to measure your head circumference to find the right model. Wear it inclined or simply placed on the top of the skull.

The bowler hat:

For a British style in winter, the bowler hat is making a comeback in the world of fashion. It is aimed at women who have an assertive style because it is a little more demanding. It is easily recognized by its rolled edges and rounded cap. It softens facial features.
For winter, you can pair it with a slightly formal outfit. For this purpose, trousers, a sweater and a leather jacket will do. In the evening, prefer a more sophisticated bowler hat with veils, feathers, patterns or a bow for a chic effect.

The winter bob:

The bob is a hat usually made of fabric and was originally worn by fishermen and farmers to protect themselves from the rain. Its great advantage is that it is suitable for all generations. Although it was originally designed to protect against the sun, it is now also worn in winter.
For the more chilly, there are models with earmuffs that keep your head warm. To enjoy softness and comfort in all circumstances, we gladly bet on the faux fur or imitation fur bucket hat. The wool bucket hat is also highly recommended in winter, as well as camouflage-style prints. Finally, there are also checkered models similar to Burberry brand items for a more original look.

For a retro style, this hat can be worn with a denim baggy, a sweatshirt with an imposing logo and sneakers with a notched sole. For a more flirtatious style, combine it with a trench coat, a lace blouse and straight pants. Add a nice pair of moccasins for a neo-bourgeois result. The casual-chic look is also an excellent compromise. Here, it will be necessary to prefer mom jeans, a blazer jacket and kitten heel shoes.

The sunbonnet:

The capeline is a hat that protects from the sun in summer and bad weather when it is cold. It presents itself as an excellent alternative to other hat models. This XXL headgear was one of the favourite accessories of bourgeoises in the 19th century. At that time, it was exclusively intended for special occasions and was distinguished by its lace ornaments. After disappearing for many years, it reappeared in the 70s as a bohemian chic style.

For winter, the capeline is adorned with felt to keep your head warm. For a seventies style, adopt a burgundy, mustard yellow or wine-coloured model. Place it on long, slightly wavy or straight hair. In terms of clothing, prefer high-waisted flare jeans, a loose blouse and heeled ankle boots. Wear a cape over it. For a chic look, choose a navy, brown or black sunbonnet over a classic ponytail or braid. Combine it with black slim jeans, a straight coat and high heels.
Oversize coats are to be avoided because the capeline itself is already XXL in size. Don’t forget the accessories to enhance your look: chic long gloves, clutch, etc.

The fedora:

The fedora hat can be made of felt or suede and is distinguished by its wide brims. This makes it a perfect accessory to protect yourself from the rain with a nice seventies outfit. This headgear can be combined with any look, provided it is a quality, refined and stylish model. From dresses to jeans, including trench coats and leather perfectos, it will sublimate your most understated outfits.
For winter, we prefer the classic wool felt fedora. This can be combined with an oversized sweater, a pair of leggings and winter boots. For a glamorous evening style, it can also be paired with a dress, coat and knee-length boots.

The fur hat:

The chapka is a hat that combines exotic charm and warmth. This is a classic Russian hat that covers the neck and ears and is also called an aviator hat. It features two ear flaps that can be folded over and tied or left hanging. Most of the time, it is made from real animal fur, but there are also synthetic models.
Fur hat has been revisited by the great designers who have modernized it. There are now many models and colours: brown, white, black, coloured… The choice will be made according to the style you want to display.

The Borsalino:

This hat owes its name to its creator Giuseppe Borsalino. It was hugely successful when it appeared in Jacques Deray’s film “Borsalino” in 1970. It was initially intended for a male clientele, but it has become popular with a wide audience over time. Its stylish lines, its boyish aspect and its enormous success now make it an essential part of the female wardrobe at all times, especially in winter.

To choose the best winter hat for women, it is advisable to prefer a sober, timeless and classic model. The size is also an important point to take into account for a tailored style. Depending on the model, the headgear should neither be too large nor too small for your head. You will find a wide selection of online stores specializing in women’s hats.

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