The 5 best reasons to wear the hat

Wearing a piece of cloth, a bonnet or a hat on your head is almost as old as the world. The headgear was even one of the main social markers a few decades ago.

To protect his ears from the cold, shelter from the wind or give a little more character to his outfit, the headgear has more than one trick up its sleeve! The styles are many and varied. Over time and following fashion, they have constantly been renewed.

Note that it is particularly trendy today to accessorize your outfit with headgear.
Fortunately, the choice is endless to come and find inspiration!

And you? Are you more hat, cap or sunbonnet?

1 – Get insurance

In addition to asserting a style, belonging and personality, hats and caps are accessories that considerably reinforce self-confidence and bring a certain charisma.

“A very good ally against your complexes”

The headgear can also be the ally against all your complexes! Drop the masks; let’s take our hats off to him!

For example, if your face is a little too round for your liking, then we advise you to opt for hats with wide brims or sufficiently loose caps that slim your face, in contrast. 

Your face is on the contrary rather emaciated? Then opt for hats with small brims such as the trilby (discover here our article on “the trilby: the hat for all seasons”) or caps with a narrower peak. 
You are small in size; the high caps can lengthen your silhouette.  Bucket Hat Store offers multiple categories of high-quality bucket products like Frog Bucket Hat, Golf Bucket Hat, Crochet Bucket Hat, and Kids Bucket Hat.

2 – Affirm your identity

Wearing headgear is synonymous with assertiveness.

Indeed, the hat that dresses you is a reflection of your principles, an attitude, a sense of belonging.

It is also to affirm an origin, a profession, a movement.

For the most classic styles but still, in search of elegance, the fedora hat will fit you like a glove.

For cool or sporty looks, the baseball cap will be your ally for chill evenings with friends or to celebrate your team’s victory.

Finally, for the most refined, with a strong charisma, the wide-brimmed hat is the choice par excellence, endowed with class and character.

3 – On the contrary: Break the codes, balance your outfits

In sandals/shirt, jogging/basketball or in your ultra-elegant suit… No matter what you’re looking for the day, there will always be a hat to complete your Outfit of the Day.

Spruce up an overly modest outfit with a wide-brimmed Traveller, or, on the contrary, add a touch of glamour to a casual look with a Trilby or a linen cap.

To bring your look back to life, don’t hesitate to break conventional codes. The headgear will cover your back under the spotlight!

4 – Because it’s practical

Are you one of those people who can’t stand taking their trash out on the street without being perfectly presentable? Don’t have the courage or the time to tame your flyaway’s when you wake up?

The hat will always know how to crown your head successfully and bring you the assurance of the big days! 

If wearing a hat allows you to adapt your look in the blink of an eye, you can also change the way you wear it: tilted back, the hat will attract attention and gaze, conversely, it is perfect for passing incognito by lowering it on the front or associated with sunglasses.

5 – A well-protected head!

In its primary function, the headgear guarantees a head that is above all well protected! No more question here of going out bareheaded! 

Cap, hat or beanie: they are excellent protection against the extremes of the climate. Screwed on the head, around the ears or above the forehead, each headgear has its uses. Against the cold, the rain, the sun, the wind, the quality of its protection nevertheless depends on its shape and its material. 

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