12 Beautiful Hats and Caps to Cover Your Head in Style

With the sun becoming more and more present, we must not neglect to protect our skulls from UV rays. It’s even better if you opt for a headgear that is both trendy and practical! The accessory will give an extra flair to our look while blocking out the sun’s rays.

If you need one or more new headwear for the coming spring and summer, here are twelve that are very pretty.

The Nylon Bucket Beautiful Hats

This nylon bucket hat will accompany you on all your summer adventures!.

Embroidered Daisy Cotton Bucket Hat

This hat is really adorable with the little daisy embroidered on the front. It is available in two other colours.

The Invigorating Bob Bouquet

If you want beautiful hats that exude summer and happiness, this one could be suitable with its beautiful floral print.

Joanna Wide-Brim Straw Fedora

This straw hat is really pretty and trendy! In addition, it will adequately protect you from the sun.

Floral Embroidery TENCEL* Lyocell Cap

This cap has pretty flower embroidery on the front. It has a classic shape. It is also available in dark pink.

Faded Denim Baseball Cap

The denim baseball cap is a classic! You won’t go wrong with this model. It is also available in several other colours.

Vans Cap

If you love the Vans brand, you could opt for this cap which features the logo as well as subtle checkered pattern embroidery.

Bucket Hat

This cheap bucket hat style hat is coloured with a tie-dye pattern that is always very popular in the summer. These colourful beautiful hats have a tie-dye style pattern. It has a “bob” shape and it will be perfect for this summer!

Straw Hat

If you like quirky bucket straw hats with a vintage look, this one might be for you. It is also available in beige.

Cotton Canvas Cap

The colour of this cap is so pretty! It is made of cotton and has a fairly classic shape.

Sun Hat To Tie

We love this wide-brimmed hat. It will provide adequate protection from the sun. It is also possible to tie it for the windier days.

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