How To Wear The Bob Man?

Do you want to wear a bucket hat but you’re not sure if it’s still in fashion? Would you like to wear a bob in your outfit, but you don’t know how to wear it? So if you’re asking yourself just one of these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

To wear a bob for men, you have to choose the model according to the different types of outfits. You can adopt a casual, dressy, or sportswear style. The idea is to match the right type of bob with the right outfit.

We will first see what a bucket hat is, how to wear it and who can wear it, which model to choose, and with which outfit.

What Is A Bob Hat?

Often underestimated and considered old-fashioned, the mens bucket hat has been brought up to date in recent years by major brands and fashion houses such as Ralph Loren, Kenzo, Lacoste, and Burberry! Far from being a redneck accessory, this relic was originally intended for men and was worn for the first time by the American soldiers of the Second World War, nicknamed the “Roberts”, the Bob hat, therefore, benefits from a pretty manly image! We saw it on the heads of many Hollywood stars in films of the 70s, then on the singers of Hip hop of the 90s like the American group Run DMC.     

We are far from the image of Bob saucisson and Ricard of the Tour de France!

How Do I Know If I Have A Bob Head?

Before even knowing what bob you want, you still have to be sure you have a bobbing head. You might tell us it’s silly but in reality not really. While we’re sure a well-chosen bob will look good on everyone, there’s no denying that some faces are more inclined to wear a bob than others. These bob faces are round faces with the same length and the same width, or at least close. From the temples, the face should be tucked in towards the chin.

If the face is rather square, then it will need softness and it will then be necessary to opt for hats with round shapes.

You will find more information in the article. What is a bobbing head?

Why Wear A Bucket Hat?

What question! First of all, the bob is a great accessory to be worn in a sportswear style or in a neo-bourgeois style with a choice of casual or chic outfits.

Indeed, looks including a bob are more and more present and see their popularity increase greatly. This fashion accessory invests luxury and almost all sports brands in ever so diverse and varied styles that will ultimately allow you to create ever more elegant and diverse outfits. Also note that in addition to the style it offers you, your bucket hat will protect you from splashing rain or UV rays from the sun. So let yourself be carried away by this trend and combine utility with style!.

Who Can Wear A Bucket Hat?

For the moment, in the current trend, the bob targets a young audience in particular, but it is good to keep in mind that more and more people dare to experiment with the bob with more or less extravagant outfits. Whether it’s trendy audiences, sports enthusiasts, or true fashion enthusiasts, the bucket hat is an easy-to-wear accessory thanks to the diversity of its designs!

How to Wear The Bucket Hat In 2022?

Just like in 2021, the bucket hat finds new places in new, ever more elegant, and original outfits. Let’s take a quick look at them in the next paragraph.

If you want a bucket hat in a sportswear outfit in 2022, opt for a loose oversized hoodie or t-shirt. Add to that jogging with a pair of sneakers matching your bucket hat.

You have a hard time believing it but you can also adopt a dressy look with a bob. For that, it will be a little more complicated to set up but you will only need a shirt under a sweater of the same color as a plain bob such as a black bob for example.

Otherwise, for a classic casual style, opt for a colorful bob hat with a regular-cut sweater and more or less fitted jeans depending on what you want.

What Are The Different Types Of Bob For Men?

You might think that the Bob man offers fewer possibilities than the Bob woman, but it all depends on whether or not you dare to try different styles! In today’s fashion, the key is to innovate and reclaim trends. But nothing prevents you from opting for the classic outfits of the men’s Bob, ie Bermudas, shirts, shorts, and sneakers. We have found some original and varied Bobs hats for you.    

The Hippie-Style Bucket Hat

The weed leaf bucket hat with its sleek and minimalist style gives a peace and love touch to your look. A strong message and a universal symbol that adapts to all colors and outfits thanks to its white or black color.  

Space-Style Bucket Hat

This alien bucket hat with a futuristic look gives a little “space” to the wearer. It is in line with simple and minimalist Bob hats: an original and refined pattern and colors that go with anything!      

The Street wear-Style Bucket Hat

The Bob with metal rings mixes fabric and metal! This Bob hat stands out from the classic black Bob thanks to its metal pins and rings which give it its style and originality. And it is no less pleasant to wear!

The Aesthetic Style

The two most famous hands in the whole world. Who hasn’t seen this famous painting by Michelangelo on Instagrammers’ t-shirts? The Bob aesthetic is an opportunity to pay tribute to this masterpiece which combines grace with aesthetics…by adding a little urban touch. Here is an original bob hat that stands out from the usual representations of this painting.   

The Flashy Style

The reflective Bob is at the forefront of fashion, its fabric is booming in the world of streetwear! A perfect Bob hat if you want to be noticed without either looking like a beacon, unlike reflective jackets and joggings.      

Summer Style

The Bob shark especially brings a scent of summer, beach, and surf. Its pattern is meticulously sewn in our workshops and has a little “jaws” side… to go out for the holidays!  

The Fur Style

How not to resist a fur bob? It keeps you warm and it is one of our Bobs hats that have the most charm and elegance. Perfect for winter, discover our white fur bucket hat from our fur bucket hat collection.  

The Different Types Of Outfits With A Men’s Bob

As said earlier, the Bob for men goes very well with Bermuda shorts or shorts, lined with a summer shirt and sneakers or simple trainers. But to give you more ideas, the editorial team has concocted a small list of outfits to inspire you!

Skater Outfit

For some time, the Bob hat has tended to replace the docker at the skatepark, the combo: Bob hat, trasher sweater (or t-shirt over a sweater), baggy jeans, Vans sneakers, and white socks without forgetting the skateboard, will make you a real skater ready to do your best kickflips!   

The Outfit Of The E-Boy

Accessory of the e-boy par excellence, the mixture of K-pop, skate, punk, and rock which constitutes the last most viral men’s fashion trend coming from TikTok. the Bob hat accompanies this monochrome style (black, gray, or white) by matching perfectly with black pants, a white collared sweatshirt, the eternal vans, or converse without forgetting the essential trouser chains and necklace chains which represent the most common outfit in the e-boy style. You can also replace the sweatshirt with a long-sleeved black and white striped sweater under a t-shirt.      

The Casual Outfit

For a more chic look, while remaining relaxed, the Bob can also be worn very well with a 2-piece suit in the same colors and black ankle boots. For a totally different look, you can also add an American jacket like those from

The Special Denim Outfit

An essential fabric, which suits absolutely everyone and can be matched with many styles! It will be very easy for you to wear a Bob hat, and with a denim jacket and jeans.

You now know everything there is to know about the men’s bucket hat and women bucket hat, it’s up to you to choose your original bucket hat!

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