What Cheap Hat To Protect Yourself From The Sun?

Summer is approaching and you are wondering which cheap hat is effective for protecting yourself from the sun?

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In this article, we will see:

  • The dangers of extended direct exposure to the sun
  • The best hats for sun protection
  • Choose the bob that matches your style!

Prepare your parasol and your little hat and let’s go! ☀️

The Danger of UV Rays

Before looking at the type of cheap hat to wear during this beautiful season, it is important to first demonstrate the importance of wearing a hat when you are about to go out during sunny weather. Let’s start, therefore, by recalling the risks of UV rays.

What is Sunburn?

Let’s start by defining sunburn. Everyone knows what sunburn is, or at least thinks they do. To explain the result of sunburn, we must first know what causes the tan. When the skin is exposed for a long time, the skin produces melanin, natural protection against the sun’s rays, responsible for skin colour.

The case of sunburn appears when there is too little melanin to withstand the effects of UV rays. Quickly treated and hydrated.

Minimize the Risk of Skin Cancer

The sun’s UV rays fall into two main categories: UVA and UVB. To put it simply, the UVAs are the rays that penetrate strongly into the dermis and the UVBs are the rays responsible for tanning, ageing of the skin, … in short, everything that touches the surface!

There is not one ray more dangerous than the other. The real danger is the duration of exposure to these rays because they “work” in synergy. Therefore, always provide sunscreen adapted to your skin colour, the lighter you are, the higher the protection factor must be!.

What Hat To Protect Yourself From The Sun? Our Small Selection!

Now that you know the precautions to take during your next outings, we can focus on the cheap bucket hat to adopt! To do this, we have selected the 4 best hats to protect you from the sun hat. Let’s take a closer look.

1)  Borsalino: The Italian Class

Let’s start this ranking with the Borsalino hat! This Italian felt hat is the perfect clothing accessory for classic looks. Perfect with a shirt and classic pants, the Fedora will also protect your face and eyes from the sun while bringing major importance to your style.

2) Straw Hat: The Best Ally of Women

Very well known among young ladies, the bucket hat straw is extremely practical for protecting yourself from light rays and the wind! With its visor, more or less large, and its lightness. Despite its size, this cheap hat is a must during coastal walks.

3) Panama Hat: Man’s Best Friend

Panama is simply the male version of the straw hat for women bucket hat! Large, light, and aesthetic, the Panama hat is very often associated with casual styles.

4) Bob Hat: The Alliance of Style and Efficiency

Obviously, we find the bob hat! We have talked about it in several other articles; the bucket hat is the best hat to protect against all seasons, rain or shine! Come rain or shine, this round hat will prove very practical. Thanks to its large visor and its canvas or cotton design, the bucket hat leather is an excellent hat to protect you from light rays! In addition, its original look is becoming fashionable again and is found on the heads of more and younger people, especially among skateboarders and other followers of hip-hop fashion.

Find The Bob That Suits You!

Now you know everything there is to know about your summer look! You know the reasons for having to protect yourself seriously against the sun’s rays and the importance of using the various protective oils. From now on, the only thing left for you to do is to choose your bob in relation to your outfit.

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