How Should a Recycled Bucket Hat Be Worn?

Anyone who grew up in the 1990s can attest to this: the bucket hat was everywhere! This hat, which we thought we had forgotten, has been making a comeback for a few seasons. The bucket hat is one of those creative challenges that style and its patterns like to launch gently. From now on, the bob is rising to the rank of flagship hats, in the same way as the cap, and is experiencing a peak in popularity.

This headgear was first adopted by Irish fishermen before becoming part of the uniform of American GIs during the Second World War. It, therefore, has a very vintage side and continued its rise during the sixties, then seduced hip-hop fashion in the 1990s. It comes in a variety of colours and designs this season to add a pop of colour to your ensemble. extremely fashionable!.

Why Would You Put On A Retrofitted Bucket Hat?

The headband is also concerned about the environment! If you are looking to adopt a new headgear, and more particularly a bucket hat, let us guide you! For the Inventory, everything is important, and that is why we always offer you trendy and ethical products, even when you feel that it is impossible to combine the two. The remanufactured cheap bucket hats are a fantastic replacement for the initial bucket hat for preserving the environment and wildlife, and many enterprises have donated in this acceptable way.

How Should The Recycled Bucket Hat Be Started To Wear?

The advantage of the recycled bob is that it is remarkably faithful to the real bob! Indeed, the only difference is the material that is used during manufacture, as well as the values that this headgear defends according to its place of manufacture and the steps taken around it. In any case, what is certain is that to wear it, nothing changes! We demonstrate to you how to wear something with style, give back or not.

How Do You Choose It?

Given the diversity of models available, choosing a bob can sometimes be scary. We advise you to play the card of sobriety by betting on a rather sober/united model. This gives you the option of wearing it with Bermuda shorts, a casual shirt, or a more formal shirt. To create a casual and chic look at the same time, dress up a plain t-shirt, denim Bermuda shorts and a pair of white sneakers, and all this accessorized with a cool and responsible furry bucket hat!.

For the moment, the bob trend is mainly targeting a young audience, daring enough to experiment with new clothing trends. Generally, this trendy audience wears the bucket hat with t-shirts and shorts (for boys) and with skirts and t-shirts or summer dresses.

 Obviously, this dress code applies to warm months. When it’s cold, we prefer to associate the frog bucket hat with oversized jackets, printed trench coats or even suits. Whatever your personal style, to wear a bob well, it’s important to create a look to match. Sometimes when you tend to favour a more comfortable feel, the bucket hat and sneakers must have been in your attire. On the other hand, to adopt an elegant and neat look, it is better to invest in a bob that you can combine with your elegant clothes.

Our Selection Of Bucket Hats For Your Next Outfits

Lorette x Nenes Paris, Farewell:

Bob Kili is first and foremost the story of an encounter between Margot, talented entrepreneur and founder of Nénés Paris and Elodie, founder of Goodbye Lorette. They really wanted to combine their expertise in headgear and lingerie to create this ultra-fashionable reversible bucket hat that uses the colours and patterns of the Nénés Paris swimwear collection.

The bucket hat is the ultimate and ultra-easy holiday accessory: it can be worn both hiking in the creeks and on the beach. To echo their scarves with distinct front and back, this one is reversible: pink on one side, flower print on the other. In short, a unique opportunity to satisfy your desires while protecting yourself from the sun in style! Finally, thanks to its thick cotton poplin and its manufacturing excellence in millinery, the Kili will retain its rigid hold.

Marine Henrion:

This transparent bucket hat with the Marine Henrion silicone label is very original. Made in France, in an ultra-limited edition, the plastic used for this bucket hat is eco-responsible and recyclable. If you want to adopt a bob that is nothing like a bob, this is exactly what you need. It revisits the fashion codes of headgear and gives you an infinite choice of the pieces of your outfit that will accompany it. It will be available for each of your outfits, we are sure!


It doesn’t get more authentic than this black Kamea Hawaii bucket hat for men. Its spacious visor and moveable neck strap go back to the fisherman who always used to wear it. It is absolutely perfect for the casual and vintage look you are going for. The Billabong brand offers us a step back and a direct dive into the ocean of responsibility!.


A bucket hat in sustainable sources, cotton from balanced trade and sustainable agriculture with mandated price controls.Ecological, without toxic pesticides, grown with limited water consumption. Its regular cut and its ecru colour signify elegance and simplicity. To wear with a jumper of the same colour, or an elegant shirt, it will not go unnoticed, believe us! Its logo on the front recalls the responsible brand that made it, Armedangels.


Radically local, an accessory for those who are fed up with Fast Fashion. Our bucket hat mens are upcycled from the yarn from the rolls of our recycled jackets and are made in France, one hour from Biarritz. You can now invest in an ethical bob because you are sure to be able to associate it with a superb outfit!

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