How To Choose Your Sun Protection Hat?

A good sun Protection hat protects your face, nose, head, neck and ears from the sun. We know the skin in these areas is thinner, so wearing a sun hat is especially important. A wide-brimmed hat with a UPF50+ rating is the best and most reliable way to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and keep it healthy and safe, according to medical experts.

When choosing a sun protection hat, several factors should be considered.

The UPF Index

You’ve heard of SPF, which is the sun protection factor of sunscreen. UPF is an index for clothing. As not all fabrics offer the same level of protection, it is essential to choose a specialist sun protection hat made from fabrics with an excellent UPF50+ rating.

Edge Width

The length of the brim is an important factor in determining your degree of protection from the sun. The ideal size is a brim length of at least 7.5cm for a wide brim sun hat for adults, and 6cm for a narrow brim sun hat.


Due to their functional design, some sun hats offer better protection than others. Wide brim sun hats, bucket hats, and legionnaire style hats provide excellent sun protection. Baseball caps are not recommended as they only protect the scalp and forehead.


We are all on the move more and more often, so the ideal is a hat that can be easily stored in a travel bag without losing its shape.


Wearing a lightweight appa bucket hat is the most comfortable option. If you travel frequently, it makes sense to have a lightweight hat that you can easily carry around.

Adjustable Size

It helps if your hat is adjustable if you wear it on a windy day or want to let a friend with a different head size wear it.

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