How to Wash / Care for a Cap – The Best Tips In 7 Steps?

Do not soak them in water with detergent – neither in the washing machine nor in the dryer.

A high-efficiency washing machine that does not have a central agitation column may be fine, but even then the water should be cool and the cycle chosen should be as gentle as possible. 

Tumble dryers are too hot and tumbling between clothes is not good for the shape of the cap, bob, hat, (or whatever headgear). It is; therefore, better to avoid washing machines for washing caps, hats, bucket hats cheap, or any type of other headgear.

Do not use products containing bleach; you want the colours of your cap to stay nice and vibrant for years to come. Forget the dishwasher myth. You’ve probably heard that you can put caps in the dishwasher on the top rack.

Don’t do this, it’s a very bad idea, Dishwasher detergents often contain bleach and the appliance usually operates at high temperatures (for washing and drying), which can also damage your favourite cap.

Hand washing is really the best solution to preserve both the colour and the shape of the cap, or men’s bucket hat.

The best way to wash a baseball cap, snapback, hat or any type of headgear

1. Fill a clean sink or bucket with hot water (no hot/hot water needed).

2. While filling, add a tablespoon of laundry detergent or OxiClean. Dishwashing soap can do the trick, but the detergent, or a stain remover like OxiClean, is stronger and does a better job of removing stains from the fibres of the cap fabric.

3. Clean The Hat First, If Necessary

If certain areas are particularly problematic, clean them with a little (suitable) cleaning product directly on the hat. After soaking the headgear in water from your bucket or sink, use a toothbrush or other small scrub brush to work the cleaning product into the fabric and clean thoroughly.

I saw a tip for using shampoo on sweat stains; I tried it on one of my hats and the results were quite spectacular. (From its composition, the shampoo eliminates traces of sweat on the headgear, be gentle in handling and cleaning if you don’t want your favourite cap or hat ruined

4. After washing, leave the cap, and summer bucket hat, (no matter what headgear) to soak in the bucket or sink full of soapy water for a few hours, although I have found that even 20-30 minutes is enough to do work. Using your small brush, wash again these areas where the stains persist, and once again, pay attention to the sewn patterns and logos so as not to damage them.

5. Rinse off all soap with warm water. Rinse the hat well before letting it dry.

6. Pat/blot with a towel to remove excess moisture. The hat will obviously be very wet when you take it out of the water; let it drip dry, then towel dry as much as possible while maintaining the shape of the hat and paying attention to the logos. Your goal is simply to remove the excess so it can dry

7. Always air dry on some sort of container. You want to find a way to dry the hat so it’s not just crumpled up on the counter. Find a coffee can, canister, hand towel, or perhaps any mannequin head you have handy to set it up. So the hat will keep its shape and won’t wrinkle. Also, throw a towel under the container; no matter how hard you tap, I’ve found that there will always be some dripping.

If you want to speed things up, use a small fan to blow air on it, or a hair dryer on the lowest setting, especially don’t heat too much, it could damage it. Hoping that the advice we have given you will have helped you to wash or maintain your favourite headgear (baseball cap, snapback, streetwear, hat, bob, and hat).

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