What Hat To Wear In Autumn Or Winter?

The air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and the wind is picking up. If it’s not really cold yet, it might be time to ditch the bucket straw hat for a seasonal headgear. Here is a selection of hats in winter shapes and models suitable for fall:

1. The Cap Hat In Winter

They are found in more insulating materials for cool days, such as leather or wool. A model made of cotton or made of linen can also suffice if it is not too cold. There is a wide choice of different colours and materials.

Hatteras, newsboy, army or Irish, the choice is yours. The choice is not lacking: there are models of all styles for all ages. It is also a timeless headgear that can bring a retro touch to your outfit depending on the shape chosen. If all shapes are suitable for men, women bucket hat tend to choose a newsboy model more: be aware, however, that Hatteras, Irish or flat cap models go just as well with a feminine look. 

2. The Fedora Hat In Winter

A wardrobe essential, it is easily recognized by its high crown and medium brim. For the mid-season, we will avoid models that are too many straw hats to turn to something dressier. You can find many models in wool or hair felt, perfect materials to combine warmth and elegance in autumn. If you are nostalgic for summer and want to stay on straw models, know that it is quite possible by preferably opting for neutral colours. Brown, taupe or grey allow you to go from a summer style to something more autumnal in the blink of an eye. An example with the photo below which presents the Wilshire model by Bailey: we stay on a straw composition, with colours more suited to the season. 

The fedora is available in many styles and models; you will have no trouble finding yours! The couscous: the famous Borsalino which alone offers a real presence in all circumstances. 

3. The Trilby Hat In Winter

Again, there are many models with a wide range of colours and materials. Simple to wear and very easy to accessorize, the trilby is the miniature version of the fedora, with much narrower edges. 

If the weather is cool without being too cold, you can stay on cotton or linen materials, which are found in many colours. Blue, white, brown, patterned or plain… the choice is yours! If you want to opt for a slightly warmer hat, look for leather or felt trilby. They will allow you to keep your head warm while finalizing your outfit with a trendy accessory. Whatever outfit you wear, you will always find suitable models: dressy or casual style, it’s up to you. It is also an easy shape to wear and accessorize, for both men and women. 

4. The Sunbonnet 

A form of hat which this time is only for women. Elegant and feminine, it was the favourite of Brigitte Bardot and other retro stars. 

To keep your head sheltered from the cold and the wind, you can choose models made of wool felt, a material that has good insulating properties. This type of hat can also be waterproofed to go out safely, even in the event of light rain. If it is not always easy to wear, the sunbonnet is nonetheless a trendy hat that comes in a wide variety of models. For those who hesitate to take the plunge, choose a model with narrower edges. The wider edges indeed offer perfect elegance, but attract more attention. 

5. The Bowler Hat In Winter

The famous derby is no longer just for men in 3-piece suits!

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can adopt the melon for rock and an original look. It is then worn tilted on the back, to break a style that is too wise. In terms of outfits, everything is allowed: dress, pants, shirt, big sweater… It’s all about playing on the winning colour combinations. Besides, you don’t have to wear a black bowler! There are many colours to brighten up the autumn weather: blue, red, yellow, green, burgundy… Be original. 

6. The Timeless Beret 

It is found in wool for the fall, in all kinds of colours. In order not to be to cliché, we avoid wearing the marinière with it. The beret being part of the mixed hats, it will go to both men and women! Again, do not stop your choice of black: it exists in all the colours imaginable.                                               

There are obviously other types of hats to wear for mid-seasons, such as the cloche hat, the beanie or the porkpie. This list is therefore only an overview of the headgear you can adopt for the fall. It’s up to you, depending on your style and what you’re looking for!

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