One of the first and most coveted streetwear companies is BAPE (A BAathing Ape). The company is well-known for its Bape hoodie featuring camouflage sharks. With celebrities wearing BAPE left, right, and center, there is much anticipation surrounding it. Do you want to try on some BAPE clothing? Continue reading!

If you have yet to hear about BAPE, where have you been for the past 20 years? BAPE is one of the biggest and most well-known streetwear labels, established in Japan by the renowned Nigo. Stars like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, and Biggie Smalls, to name a few, have been spotted wearing the brand’s instantly identifiable BAPE camo sweatshirts over the years.

The BAPE hoodie is undoubtedly the most well-known of all these designs. It has a lethal appearance with a shark’s head and teeth on the hood that are reminiscent of WWII fighter jets. Of course, in addition to the shark, there is also the tiger hood and the BAPE panda hood, which are all derivatives of the shark’s original design.

Background of BAPE

As was previously noted, D.J. Nigo, a Japanese fashion designer, launched BAPE in 1993. The company, which has its roots in Ura-Harajuku, is known for its streetwear for adults, women, and children. Currently, BAPE only has 19 locations in Japan. Additionally, there are outlets in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, and New York.

The BAPE brand is currently enormous. It operated several subsidiary brands under its identities, including Baby Milo, AAPE, and Mr. Bathing Ape. Before founding BAPE, founder Nigo was well-connected in the street culture. After spending some time as an editor and stylist for Popeye Magazine, he co-founded the “Nowhere” shop with Jun Takahashi, who was well-known for his Undercover investigations.

Since then, BAPE has collaborated with more well-known artists than you could imagine. They have also published innumerable collections. It’s practically become a standard piece of clothing for famous rappers and public figures worldwide. After years of unwavering success, Nigo sold 90% of his BAPE empire to Hong-Kong giant I.T. Fashion group on February 1, 2011. Even though many think Nigo’s departure caused BAPE to fail, the company continues to release new collections of high-caliber items monthly. Nigo, co-owner and lead designer of Pharrell’s company Billionaire Boys Club, is also essential in the streetwear industry.

The Shark Hoodie

Are you really into your streetwear if you’ve never owned a Bape shark hoodie? Whether interested in streetwear, most people would identify the BAPE item. It’s a classic design that many people have copied. The shark hoodie, which frequently comes in vivid hues like purple, orange, or blue, and is one of BAPE’s iconic camouflage designs, has achieved unprecedented success. One or two shark hoodies consistently sell out, even in BAPE’s newest collections.

The Tiger camo Shark Hoodie

The shark hood inspired the BAPE tiger hoodie, which is visually identical. It’s equally as popular as its older sibling and was well-known and worn by Kanye in the early 2000s. If you replace the shark imagery with a tiger, you have a tiger hood.

The Ponr Bape Hoodie

The Ponar hoodie is another design comparable to the first two books listed. It has a lot to live up to, being the most recent of the BAPE animal head hoodies. However, it has done fine and achieved the same best-seller status as its siblings. Influencers worldwide can be seen sporting Ponr hoodies, which BAPE continues to produce.

How to Wear a Zip-Up Hoodie

The full-length zip is a distinctive element in most BAPE hoodies. The hoodies are designed to be entirely unzipped to see the print on the hood, literally from waist to head. A dubious appearance. But it has been an enormous success. Hoodies with zippers are generally simple to style. In the winter, they can be worn unzipped with a t-shirt underneath or layered under a coat. If you pair this with some stylish denim and sneakers, you’ll have a great outfit in no time.

How to Wear a Bape Hoodie Under a Jacket

During the bone-chillingly cold winter days, sometimes more is required than a jacket. The ideal solution may be to layer a hoodie underneath your outerwear. Even one additional layer can make a significant difference. Always check that the hood is removed and outside the jacket. Keeping it inside would appear disastrous. Second, to prevent clashes, unzip the Hoodie if you’re wearing the jacket without a hood. Always follow these guidelines, whether you’re wearing a conventional or a men’s longline Hoodie

What to Wear With a Hoodie

Hoodies work best with casual attire. The best way to wear a hoodie is with some high-quality denim or tracksuit bottoms, along with a pair of trendy runners to finish the look. Consider wearing a baseball cap or beanie as an accessory along with an over-the-shoulder essentials bag.

BAPE x Puma

The Puma BAPE hoodie, which resulted from BAPE’s collaboration with sportswear juggernaut Puma in 2015, is possibly their most well-known product. One of the hype beasts has numerous branding elements and big, eye-catching accessories. It was a huge hit that sold out everywhere. The line included hoodies, t-shirts, and coats with shark prints. The shark hood, the most popular item, is now resold for twice what it originally cost. How to Dress in a BAPE Hoodie

  • BAPE produces very casual clothing that is inappropriate for even semi-formal occasions.
  • Their patterns are bold and edgy; pair them with subtler pieces to avoid an overly cluttered look.
  • In the winter, layer with the Hoodie. Could you put it on under your jacket?
  • Remember the accessories. Our top suggestions would be some appropriate hats or a bag.

On That Note

It should be challenging if you want to try wearing a BAPE hoodie. Your best option for finding one would have to be the resell market despite the high price and difficulties of acquiring one in the U.K. Keep the rest of your outfit subtle and let the Hoodie speak for itself.

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