How to Wash Straw Hats?


Very popular on the beaches of the unforgettable 70s, straw hats come back into fashion especially with the arrival of good weather because they are very elegant and light. They are perfect to be worn for all occasions: from simple walks in the countryside to ceremonies, from the sea to the protection of the heat, passing through the mountains.

If you’ve now forgotten a bucket straw hat in a closet, it’s time to get it out! In this guide, we will explain how to wash straw hats. Don’t forget to Buckethatstore, Here you can enjoy multi types of bucket hats like Fur Bucket Hat, Leather Bucket Hat, Feog Bucket Hat and Kids Bucket Hat.


• Basin or bucket of lukewarm water
• Children’s oil
• Marseille soap flakes
• Soft cloth
• Newspaper or towel
• Naphthalene or camphor

By washing the straw hats directly, you risk irreparably damaging the fibbers’, especially if they are very delicate. For this reason, it is advisable to always check the label with the corresponding washing instructions. Typically, you can hand stain shantung or Baku headwear.

However, if you are unsure of the material it was made from, try gently bending the edge and examining the reaction. If the hat, after being folded, returns to its original shape, it means that it is strong enough. If it starts to crack or stay bent, it means it is very delicate and should not be washed.

If there are ornamental items such as buttons, ribbons or rhinestones, it is advisable to temporarily remove them to avoid damaging them during washing. To clean your straw hat, fill a basin with not too hot water, then add Marseille soap flakes. Dip a dish towel in the soapy solution, squeeze out excess water and gently rub over the hat, first cleaning the inside and then the outside.

Be careful not to immerse the cap directly in the soapy mixture, you risk shrinking the fibbers and not being able to wear them again. Finally, rinse the hat only with water, so as to remove all traces of dirt or soap, and then let it dry in the open air and in the shade on any rounded object.

Baby oil is a valid alternative to classic Marseille soap, which mothers use to keep their children’s asses from blushing. Dampen a cloth with a few drops of the aforementioned oil and very gently blot the headgear so as not to damage or deform it. Then proceed by cleaning the entire surface evenly, starting from the inside, so that the area in contact with the garment is not soiled by a cloth that has become contaminated during cleaning, and then left outside.

Attention, in no case use aggressive detergents or any other type of oil, you could spoil it or make it even worse. Once it has dried well, if you wish to store it, place it in a cupboard, away from direct sunlight.


Never Forget:

On sale in various hypermarkets you can buy a spray that helps maintain the shape of the straw hat; if you can’t find it, you can use any opaque liquid that will hold the fibres together and strong.

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