How to Wear the Bucket Hat This Summer And What Grooming To Go With It?

The fashion of the 1990s has for some time been making a resounding comeback in the way we dress. In the wake of high-waisted jeans, sneakers or even colourful tracksuits, another accessory is also making a comeback: the summer bucket hat.

This flowery unstructured hat is found more and more on the heads of Parisians. Ideal for a casual summer look, it brings a touch of relaxation to your look. If you do not have a hat head, because the shape of your face does not lend itself to it, the bob will be a valuable tool. As it is round, it indeed adds width in a balanced way to the whole face; in other words, it will suit almost all body types.

After recalling what a bob is, this guide goes over the relevant styles for this summer, as well as the beard and moustache styles that will go best with it.

1- What Exactly Is A Bob?

The bob, or summer bucket hat in English (literally “seal-shaped hat”), is a headgear whose base is circular. As seen from above, its shape is round. Compared to other hats such as Panama or the cap, it is particularly unstructured, that is to say, it does not include frames or hardened parts to ensure its maintenance. The consequence is that it falls nonchalantly around the head, giving it its casual style. In a nutshell, the summer bucket hat mens is to hats what the unstructured blazer is to jackets.

One of the big advantages of the hat is that it offers real protection against UV rays with its 360-degree visor, both for the neck and the eyes. With him, it doesn’t matter if you forgot to put sunscreen on your neck before going out.

2 – Which Bob Style To Choose?

As with all style accessories, there are many variations for the bob. Here is a selection of models that fit well with the current trend and that can give you a work style.

2.1 – The Floral Print Bucket Hat

Floral prints are a recurring summer trend. These are motifs evoking flowers, trees and plants, such as a liberty motif (top for a shirt) or palm leaf motifs. These patterns are usually found on light shirts intended for the summer season. But this year, we can make a little change with the bob.

This hat will lend itself well to floral patterns, and it will then be a strong piece for your look. To accompany it, it would be better to temper the rest with more sober clothes. With this in mind, avoid a shirt that also includes floral motifs; if you absolutely insist on it, then make sure that the size of the patterns is different on the two garments. If the prints are large on the bob, choose small-sized patterns on the shirt, or vice versa.

2.2 – The Logo Bucket Hat

Garments with branded logos are coming back into fashion, still in the wake of the 1990s return to prominence. We thus see a lot of clothes displaying their brand, in particular stamped sweatshirts.

In this idea, you can make your bob fit into the trend. However, be careful not to overdo it, at the risk of looking like a billboard. If you choose a sweatshirt and a bucket hat leather displaying a logo, try to remain more discreet on the pants.

2.3 – The Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

It’s a trend that divides many, but one thing is certain, tie-dye is very present at the moment. This style has a more hippy undertone and will suit those who are comfortable with wearing colours and want to show off a relaxed style (e.g. for festivals or beach parties).

The tie-dye being visually very present, it would be good to associate it with other plain and not flashy coloured clothes. Concretely, a faded blue t-shirt or light khaki chinos will be good allies for a tie-dye summer bucket straw hat.

2.4 – The Neon Bucket Hat

Bright colours will be very present this summer, so it is quite possible to choose your furry bucket hat in this spirit. For a look that stands out, you can choose to wear dark clothes (eg an all-black ensemble) with an electric blue or bright yellow bob, so that it stands out all the more.

3 – What Beard Cut With A Bob?

If the hat largely influences the shape of your face, this is also true for your beard and moustache cut. Let’s review which ones will go best with a bob.

3.1 – The Long Beard

It is a great classic but it remains effective! A long beard will go very well with a bob. First, the multi-month beard gives a more relaxed (but far from sloppy) style that goes very well with that of the bob. Second, this type of beard lengthens the face, which effectively counterbalances the bob, which widens it with its circular visor.

Be careful, however, not to grow to a Viking beard, that is to say, a particularly full and wide beard because the mixture of the two could create a neglected effect.

3.2 -The Three-Day Beard

Unsurprisingly, the three-day beard will be a relevant choice to accompany a bob. Much shorter than the multi-month beard, it also has that relaxed spirit that matches that of the bob.

If you have a particularly thin chin, try to grow your beard for a week more, in order to visually enlarge this area. This will avoid creating an imbalance between the top and bottom of your face.

3.3 – The Hollywood Beard

The Hollywood beard has the effect of drawing attention to the jawline and chin while preventing the gaze from landing on the cheeks. Thus, the lines of the cheeks are lowered, which has the effect of accentuating the size of the jawline. To achieve this cut, simply shave the top and middle of the cheeks (being careful not to go too low), and let the rest grow out. Of course, regular combing and beard oil will be essential to keep it healthy and avoid knots.

This style of beard will match the bob very well because it will create an effect of width at the jawline, which will balance the upper part of the face, itself widened by the bob.

3.4 – The Brush Mustache

If you feel like thinking outside the box, you can try a brushed beard. There is still a prerequisite for this to work: having dark brown or even black hair and not having fair skin (which can be obtained after a tan).

This moustache takes the form of a curve that follows the top of the lip and is rather thick. However, be careful not to keep a moustache that is too full. For the rest of the beard, all you have to do is shave everything close.

To conclude, the bob can be easily matched with different styles of beards or moustaches, the whole thing being to maintain your hair in order to always have a neat look. Containing a beard trimmer, a neck razor, the transparent shaving gel,  the beard & face cleanser as well as beard oil, the  King C. Gillette complete set is perfect to help you master your daily style.

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