Protect Yourself From The Sun With a Sun Hat

The Right Reflex To Protect Yourself From The Sun Hat

 The beautiful days are coming and the sun hat is finally back, enough to make you want to go on vacation even more. Even if spring often rhymes with sun, holidays and fun, you shouldn’t forget to cover yourself up and protect yourself from UV rays.

Indeed, the sun does not always have only positive points and when we are not wary it can sometimes be dangerous for our health. Because sunscreen is essential, the sun hat is also your ally, both useful to cover your head and also to protect your eyes and head from the sun’s rays. Light colours are also preferred to attract less heat. 

Opt For Wide-Brimmed Hats

 First of all, we remind you that it is advisable to protect yourself from the sun on a daily basis, and yes even if we are much more exposed to ultraviolet rays during the holidays, it is also important to protect yourself every day. Simple things like putting on some sunscreen or wearing a sun hat as soon as possible can be essential. 

For optimal protection, hats with wide brims are preferred. Indeed, they will be able to provide you with optimal protection whether at the level of the face or the neck. You will also have many choices regarding shapes, with wide edges, such as fedoras and capelines available in many colours and styles. Whether at the front or the back, the wide edges provide you with incomparable protection. 

The Straw Hats 

We particularly recommend straw ones, which are more suitable for summer because they are comfortable and light. You will be able to find Panama hats, sun hat, bucket straw hat, raffia and other flexible and pleasant wear headgear. The Panama hat is a must-have, braided and handmade in the USA, it is a high-quality headgear that requires many hours of work. Easy to wear, it is a very popular accessory for both women and men.

Even if straw hats are the favourite accessories for the summer, they are not the most recommended for optimal protection against the sun because they let some UV rays pass through. 

 Cotton Adventurer Hat 

 For optimal protection, we recommend cotton hats with a simple and adventurous style. If you are a fan of summer walks and hikes, these types of hats like crochet bear bucket hat and frog bucket hat are made for you. Very comfortable to wear, light and flexible; these headgears ensure your coverage to the test of everything. They are also suitable for outdoor activities and allow your head to breathe. Bob and traveller shapes in this material are available in many colours and styles. 

The Brands To Adopt 

I recommend one of the most popular brand in the USA specializing in anti-UV hats such as Bucket Hat Store. The Bucket Hat Store brand offers hats like bucket golf hats, and fur bucket hats with a lifetime warranty; this USA brand is a reference for its accessories with outdoor protection.

it has many trendy choices for women, men and children in materials such as vegetable fibres ensuring comfort and lightness. 

 The Cap 

 If you’re not really a fan of summer hats, the cap can also be a good compromise. Many shapes, colours and prints are also available. There are thus sailor caps, newsboys, baseball but also quite simply more pleasant visors for sport for example. 

A Hat For Your Children 

Your children will also need to protect themselves from the sun, their skin is more fragile and sensitive; a sun hat will therefore be very useful and essential, especially on vacation. Caps and baby bucket hat, but also bucket hats will also be essential, flexible and comfortable. 

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