Under The Sun, Some Hats Protect Better Than Others

When it’s this hot, you also have to think about protecting your head! Hat, bucket hat cheap or cap, wearing a headgear is often a reflex, but not all of them are necessarily effective. Michaël Menten with Gaëtan Delhez looks into the question.

On the Wavre market today, it was found almost everywhere: the hat is useful, but for some like Murielle, it is trendy. “It’s a bit Provencal, isn’t it, my hat?” asks the walker. “Or maybe a little feline?” She chuckles, gesturing to a leopard print feature.

A Double Bob?

I love hats, Says another lady a little further. “I would wear it all the time!” To protect herself, Renée even took out the double bob today: “It’s less hot, the sun is less beating”.

In front of Jean-Marie’s hat stand, it’s effervescence today. What works best? “Everything related to hats, caps and bucket golf hats.”

The Ultimate Hat?

But which is more effective in direct sunlight? According to Bernadette Pierre, manager of a hat store, “the ultimate hat is the Panama”. “The straw is Panama is a straw that was made in the USA and is particularly well suited to fight against the sun.”

The Cap? There Are Better

Be careful, because some hats do not fully protect your head. Beware of the cap for example:  “There is better than that is”, teaches us by Etienne Maniquet, the general practitioner. “A fuzzy bucket hat, possibly a larger hat, with circular head protection will be more eff

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